William Gardner had a successful career in the United States in business development, sales, and marketing. Mastering the B2B area of Sales & Showing a natural ability to scale companies up in a timely fashion. William helped build two companies, taking one company from 2.4 Million USD in sales to 7.2 Million USD in sales and a second company from 5 Million USD to 32 Million USD in sales. In his Positions of Vice President of Marketing, he developed his Proven Method Dubbed by many in the Plumbing industry as the “Golden Arch Of Search” a controlled system where he achieves a high service call volume with the metrics detailed enough to arm you with the Data needed to book as many calls as you can take on.

After a successful career in Corporate America, William decided to launch his own Digital Marketing company in San Diego, California, in 2013. After One Year of Continued Quarterly Success, he expanded Gardner Media Group at the time named 8Marketing into the EU and, in 2017, expanded in the UAE.

William Gardner truly believes his purpose is to serve others.

“Being a Digital marketer allows me to fulfill my purpose. I’ve made it my business to help others grow and be successful!”

William Gardner CEO at Digital Marketing Agency Gardner Media Group

William Gardner ( CEO )

Our Goals

Make your website sell better


Make your website sell better

Make your website sell better


Create and improve your Digital Marketing potential

( products, services )


Provide access to unique technologies, as well as the knowledge and experience to build a successful business on the Internet


Show you a clear, measurable results and regular work on the development of your business on the Internet

WHo we are !

Our goals are directly related to your results


When it comes to finding a reliable Digital Marketing Agency, Gardner Media Group realizes how important it is to find one you can trust. We make it our business to help small, medium-sized, and even large level businesses with integrated online marketing programs that are not only affordable but work as well. We have a creative team that can create everything for your business, including unique designs for print, mobile, and web applications. We also specialize in e-commerce, web applications, social media marketing, and front-end design, to name a few of our specialties and services.


We have a team of experts that come from various backgrounds so all of your marketing and web needs are met by someone who is experienced in the field. Our experts include MBAs, Web Designers, Graphic designers, and Systems Operations Specialists. We also have a team of English and philosophy majors so you are covered no matter what you need from our team. We are a company that is dedicated not only to our clients but to constantly seeking more knowledge and becoming the best in the Digital Marketing world.


The online world is a tough world and quite competitive. You need an edge on the competition, and we can help. We have a holistic approach to Digital Marketing that includes four things: retention, attraction, measurement, and conversion. Our purpose is results-driven, and we feel this gives us a leg up over the other marketing agencies out there. Contact us today for information on how we can help your business!