Every business today relies on a strong brand positioning to continue thriving. Without a strong brand, businesses struggle to survive. This is because there’s a lot of competition out there, and so carving out your market segment through compelling and deliberate brand development is critical for new ventures.

This process is what is referred to as brand development. To better understand this concept, let’s break it down into two terms:

Brand: This refers to the identity of your business and can be represented by various parameters, including brand assets such as logos to the intangibles like brand positioning and brand perception.

Development: Refers to an elaborate way of creating or doing something, in this case, a brand.

Brand Development Definition

Brand development is, therefore, a deliberate and proven process of building, improving, and managing the general image of a brand in terms of branding assets, market positioning, and brand perception.

 It pertains to the intentional use of marketing assets to foster strong branding and improve the perception of a brand in the eyes of the consumers. 

What’s the Brand Development Process?

There are several steps that businesses make when developing a brand. While these vary from company to company, an overall brand development process looks like the following:

  1. Researching your consumers
  2. Developing your brand voice
  3. Creating Tangible Branding Assets
  4. Creating and Distributing Marketing Content to foster Brand Authority
  5. Tracking and Brand Iteration

Let’s now break down each of the steps above quickly below.

Step 1: Researching your consumers

Your consumers should inform every decision you make that you make as a company. Now, for this to be applicable and effective, you need to understand the needs and wants of your target audience.

In your research, try answering the following:

  • What’s their major pain point right now related to your business?
  • What are their possible brand objections?
  • What are their value systems?
  • Which other brands in your industry do they gravitate towards, and why?
  • What do they love about your brand?

Also, try answering the questions about your industry in general, such as which market segments are less served and gaps that the competitors have not filled yet.

Step 2: Developing Your Voice

Many brands do not define this earlier on and only do so in the later stages of their brand development process. While there are arguments for why they do this, I believe that getting your brand voice from the start is critical. It’s what influences your business name, your brand slogan, and the copy that goes into your website pages. Thus, if you do not define your brand voice early enough, there will be voice inconsistencies in your brand assets that might be costly to fix later.

Step 3: Create Your Branding Assets

Next, you need to create your branding assets. These are critical elements of your brand, and so you want to ensure that enough thoughts go into their creation. Examples of brad assets that your business needs are:

  • Brand logo
  • Company name
  • Tagline or slogan
  • Fonts
  • Color schemes
  • Product packaging
  • Advertising themes and scripts

Step 4: Content Creation and Distribution

Content plays a very vital role in the industry positioning of your brand. You can use content to attract and nurture your prospects. Some of the content you need to create include copy for your main pages, ultimate guides and listicles for your blog, and resource and knowledgebase articles.

Besides creating content for your use, you also need to create content to distribute to other sites that align with yours. Guest posting helps you to leverage other brands’ audiences.

Step 5: Measuring and Iteration

As your business grows, so does your brand. As a result, you might need to change your branding assets from time to time to talk to new segments or cover recent trends, or just come up with the competition. This, therefore, means that you should have a system for tracking how your brand assets are doing to know when iteration is necessary.

Explore Our Brand Development Solutions

At Gardner Media, we have tailored brand communications solutions that will help your business fast-track growth and close more deals. While we can help with almost anything concerning branding and marketing, here are 3 of our best solutions when it comes to brand development needs:

Complete band development: We help you brainstorm, strategize, create, and communicate your brand.

Content Development: our branding solutions include content marketing, a necessary strategy in fostering authority around your brand within the industry.

Web Design: Having a bespoke website that talks to the heart and soul of your customers are a great branding strategy that could make a whole lot of difference in the conversions of your prospects into customers.

To get started, talk to us and explore more ways that we can help you build that perfect brand that only exists in your head. If we can imagine it, then we can help you build it.