Having a website can bring great exposure to your brand. That is why it is important to understand how people view a website when they visit. Read on for more insight.

The Top-Left Corner Of The Website Gets Attention First

When visitors or users click on your website, the first thing that grabs their attention is the top-left corner of the landing page. Their eyes scan the page from the upper left corner to downwards.

So, you should check your site and note what you have in these zones of the page. Make sure that the content you want to be most accessible is in the top-left zone.

People View In F-Patterns

Most of the time, people don’t read an entire page, but they will scan it. People view the website in F-patterns often.

To help visitors make the most of your website, set your incentive (value proposition) near the highest point of the page and set the menu at the top-flat or left-vertical.

Bigger Visibility In Introductory Paragraphs

Another thing you have to do on your website is to make it eye-catchy. You can achieve this by creating the introduction part in boldface or a larger font size but keep the length of the lines short and try to fit it in a single column. The creative content with boldface attracts the attention of the user.

Visual Content

Visual content appeals the most!

Using high-quality pictures on your website makes it visually pleasing and interesting because it draws a significant amount of attention to your page.

Contact Details

Most users will start from the top of your site unless they look for specific information, such as the contact details given at the bottom. That is why everything is important.

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