Let’s look at how you can grow your business by attracting more customers. We’ll talk about Google My Business (GMB) and its importance in the current marketing landscape. It is a free service to help you build a better online presence. Let’s find how!

What can Google My Business do for your growth?

GMB is a free service that helps you build a business presence on Google Search. It provides tools and resources to help you make the most of your Google website, including analytics dashboards, spreadsheets, and more. You will also get access to a dedicated technical support team.

There are many benefits you can gain from using Google My Business. It makes your business stand out in search results so that your customers can easily find and connect with you online. By providing tools and resources to help improve your website, you will also better engage with customers, which is an important step in building lasting relationships. Let’s have a quick overview of what can Google My Business do for your growth:

  • Google My Business is available through several locations, including your website, Google Search, and Google Maps. You can find and manage your business listing on Google My Business or the GMB app.
  • Increase your visibility on the Web: SEO’s two critical elements: First, how will your website or business look to the customer? Second, how will it rank in search results? You’ll get an all-around view of the health of your website with Google My Business.
  • Share appropriate information with your Potential Customers: Google My Business provides an easy way to share the information your customers want to know, including contact details, operating hours, and product availability.
  • Answer the queries of your Potential Customers in Real-Time: Google My Business lets you provide your customers with the answers to their questions on Google Search, Maps, and more. When you respond to customer queries, it shows up in their search results and helps them find customers like them.
  • Boost your appeal with Reviews: Google My Business helps improve your search ranking and gives you a competitive advantage. Reviews posted on Google help potential customers understand what other people think of your business.
  • Increase Traffic and Sales: Google My Business helps you attract customers to your business, leading to more sales.
  • Free Google Advertising: The website will also display Google AdWords ads. This can be a cost-effective way to gain more customers.
  • Publish GMB posts on time. This will help improve the traffic to your website and help with ranking. Include a link to your website in your Google My Business listing. This will let your potential customers find you online, which will lead them to the right site for their needs.

How will Google My Business grow your business?

Let’s look at how you can use GMB to increase your website traffic and help you get more customers.

1.   Optimize your Google My Business page

To grow your business start optimizing your Google My Business page. You can do this by adding the right information and images to your listing on Google My Business. The information and images you add to your GMB listing help Google understand what your business is about and how you can help people. The most important content you should add to your Google My Business page is Business name & address. 

2.   Start a Google My Business account

A GMB account has many benefits, including the ability to link to your website or blog, manage your business listing, and contact technical support from Google directly.

3.   Link to your website or blog from your Google My Business page

You can link to any website or blog you own using the Site column in the left-hand side column of the business listing (Google My Business dashboard). You also find this option at the bottom of the Business Information section of your dashboard.

4.   Find a GMB account manager

If you want to develop a strong relationship with your business, the best approach is to reach out to a local car dealer or the blue-chip retailer who has a blog. Go ahead and contact them and ask if they are interested in becoming your GMB account manager.

5.   Engage with customers on Google Maps and Google Apps for Business

You can use Google Maps and Google Apps for Business to learn more about your customers and where your business is located.

6.   Analyze how customers engage with your location using Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you learn more about how customers find and interact with your business on search, maps, apps, and other online properties.

7.   Get confirmation from Google that you are listed on the GMB dashboard (or online)

To ensure you are properly listed on the Google My Business dashboard, verify that your full name and address are showing up with your business details. If you find any other problems, contact technical support.

Google My Business lets you boost your search ranking, improve customer engagement, receive free advertising to enhance your positioning in searches. This is a free service, but it does require an active GMB account. It is free to add your business, but you need to create your GMB page before using the services.

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